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Natural and Organic

WHOLE HOME USA offers Organic and Natural Bedding and Mattresses. WHOLE Mattress is made here in the USA at our factory in Riverside, California. Our company is established in 1964 and since then we did a lot of research and development after spending countless hours and spending millions of dollars we developed the BEST Mattress is the world. Whole Mattress is an amazing mattress and there is no other mattress like Whole Mattress in the market. Yes, we see a lot of latex mattress companies however we really really really perfected the WHOLE Mattress for your ultimate health and comfort.

  • The mattress that has no toxic chemicals in it,

  • The mattress that is made with pure organic natural ingredients,

  • The  mattress that is friendly to your environment,

  • The mattress that has three separate chambers and zippers and completely reversible! There are no other mattresses like the WHOLE Mattress.

  • The mattress that offers 20-years warranty

  • The mattress that is made one at a time. An "Haute couture" mattress!

  • The mattress that every nook, corner and every inch of it, consistency tested.

  • The mattress that will take all your stress away and make you feel brand new every morning.


Address: 909 N Hollywood Way, Burbank, CA 91505
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  • Pasadena organic mattress
  • Pasadena latex mattress
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