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Latex Mattress vs Tempur-Pedic Mattress

The Natural Latex Mattress

When the word latex is mentioned, you are probably thinking of synthetic latex found in gloves, balloons, the kind that some people are allergic to (if you know what I mean). You are in a sense right, only not very. You may or may not have heard of natural latex, the material used to make our mattresses. Synthetic latex made entirely artificial and is made from petrochemicals, a reproduction of natural latex. Natural latex, on the other hand, is extracted from South America-native rubber trees after they are 5 years of age, baked in its natural form and used to make the mattresses that we offer. These mattresses are way better than polyurethane foam, and here’s why.

The main reason you look for quality mattress is to get quality sleep, which is exactly what organic latex mattresses offer. With extreme comfort and motion isolation, your partner’s movement at night is less likely to affect you or your sleep. As such, you wake up less, cycle through all the stages of sleep, a vital necessity for your body. With adequate sleep, you avoid most lifestyle diseases and wake to a fulfilling social and work life.

A serious shortcoming with ordinary latex mattresses is chemical exposure. They release chemicals that your body absorbs through the skin and lungs. A health benefit specific to natural latex is the elimination of toxic chemical off-gassing.

While natural foam is less contouring, it is still enough to assist in proper alignment of your back and confront your pressure points. Its comfort is supportive, aids in pain reduction and will even prevent spinal pains. Dust mites never survive on naturals rubber mattress and as such, you are free from them as well as mildew and mold.

Coupled environmental friendliness, the health, comfort and versatility of natural latex mattresses make our product ideal for you and your loved ones.

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